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Mayan Shamanism was created to support the work of Tata OmeAkaEhektal Erick González, a Mayan Daykeeper, Spiritual Guide, Teacher, Minister, and Healer. Mayan Shamanism is a bridge between the Western world and the holding and being in sacred space with the ‘shamanic and spiritual practices’ of the Maya that integrate the body, mind, and spirit with the spiritual and physical worlds. It is also holds the archives of Erick González in his journey through the many indigenous communities of the Americas. It is now used as a platform to teach, promote, and protect indigenous wisdom to heal, transform, live a more holistic way of life, and to empower ourselves.

Mayan Shamanism works with individuals and groups for spiritual healing, purification and healing ceremonies, pilgrimages, spiritual divinations. ‘Tree of Life’ Mayan Astrological Readings, workshops and teachings, trainings, and phone sessions and remote healing, and more. Visit for more information or contact {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}

Tinamit Junan Uleu – Earth Peoples Unitedis a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to connect people to the natural and spiritual worlds, and to bridge the wisdom of the Ancient Ones with the world of today, so that the diversity of life can flourish for future generations.

One of the Mayan prophesies that speaks about this time of great changes on our Mother Earth is that the people of the four colors of corn (the red, yellow, black, and white peoples) that inhabit the Mother Earth will have to come together to bring their contributions to the world community. It is only by including all peoples and connecting them with the Earth itself that truly sustainable solutions can be created and carried out. For this reason, Tinamit Junan Uleu – Earth Peoples United was born.

TJU – EPU is dedicated to providing a model of connecting with nature, bringing wisdom keepers and traditions together, and growing natural foods and medicines in a healthy, sustainable environment. As the steward of 1700 acres of land in Northern California, we are fortunate to have a beautiful foundation for implementing this vision. Visit for more information.

For over a decade the Grupo Sotz’il, a group of young Kaqchikel Maya, have worked for the recuperation of their cultural roots through the investigation and strengthening of the pre-Columbian Mayan music and dance that has been transmitted from generation to generation. They also have searched the Mayan codices, indigenous manuscripts, and archaeology and anthropology texts to re-create Pre-Columbian instruments, choreograph moves that are historically accurate, and design and make costumes that come from the original Mayan Cosmovision.

The Grupo Sotz’il works to create and share their traditional music and dance as an artistic and cultural expression to strengthen their self-identity as well as intercultural exchange, allowing strong development of youth leadership and participation. They work with Mayan communities, women, youth, children, the larger Guatemalan society, and the international community in service of their goals and objectives. Visit (English) or (Spanish) for more information.

The Earth & Spirit Council provides opportunities for adults and children to engage in art, education, ceremonies and cultural events that reawaken our spiritual connection with the Natural World. We encourage, sponsor, nurture and support sustainable, Earth-conscious practices that renew our awareness of the essential interdependence of all life.

On April 20th and 21st, 2012, Earth & Spirit Council is sponsoring a major Earth day conference featuring Tat Erick González, Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim, Duane Elgin, Larry Merculieff, and Barbara Ford. For more information, go to

The Foundation for Global Humanity (F4GH) is a non-profit organization whose vision is to help create deeper relationships with ourselves, each other, and our beautiful Earth. This evolutionary vision supports ways we can learn to live in the present with more compassion and respect for all life.

The Foundation for Global Humanity provides awareness of different methodologies of healing via on-line explorations, video clips, documentaries, recordings and workshops. In addition, we are working to help indigenous cultures record and preserve their ways of knowing and healing. Many indigenous cultures throughout the world understand and use physical and psychic energies in their traditional healing practices that are not well known in the West. Their understandings and ways of healing are passed down for generations through stories, practices, rituals and ceremonies, and are in danger of becoming lost forever. So it is our intention to help these cultures preserve their language, medicinal knowledge and their cultural heritage for subsequent generations. When permission is granted to share these teachings and wisdom, we will most gratefully do so. It is our belief that the exposure, understanding, and practice of these indigenous and contemporary teachings will help us to remember our connectedness to the Creator and all beings as we travel through our life journeys together on Mother Earth with gratitude, peace and love.

The Rooted In Community National Network (RIC) is a national grassroots network that empowers young people to take leadership in their own communities. We are a diverse movement of youth and adults working together and committed to fostering healthy communities and food justice through urban and rural agriculture, community gardening, food security, and related environmental justice work. Visit for more information.

Sustainable Living Roadshow (SLR) is a caravan of educators and entertainers who tour the country in a fleet of renewable fuel vehicles to empower communities and individuals to utilize sustainable living strategies for a healthier planet. Visiting k-12 schools, university campuses and community festivals across the United States, the caravan sets up off-the-grid eco-carnivals with experiential learning villages, featuring workshops, speakers, and entertainment. Visit for more information.

PLACE is a public-serving, experiential learning center that showcases and fosters sustainable living practices, urban homesteading, community resiliency & preparedness, social justice and artistic expression. For more information, click

Edible Landscapes

We work with our clients and the natural environment using permaculture principles to create resilient food-producing systems that are beautiful, feed people and are good for the environment. We are proud to be the Tallahassee area’s first permaculture enterprise. We are one part business, but perhaps even more we are leaders in bringing the social and environmental benefits of permaculture to this very special and blessed part of the world. Visit for more information.

Four Winds Foundation

Four Winds Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Central Oregon which is dedicated to the teaching and preservation of Native Ways. We honor the ancient traditions of walking in balance with Nature and respecting all living things as our relations in the Hoop of Life. Visit for more information.

Sacred Fire Foundation is an international educational and charitable non-profit whose purpose is to restore balance in the world by igniting a different way to relate to each other, our communities and the sacred world around us. We serve as a doorway through which people can discover the sacred, interconnected nature of all life, a perspective held by original peoples and traditions everywhere. To that end, we actively support initiatives that ensure these pathways to connection are alive for generations to come.

Key initiatives include: Sacred Fire magazine, which offers a fresh outlook on modern culture by showing the relevance of ancient ways to today’s world; Ancient Wisdom Rising, a series of gatherings with elders and wisdom keepers that offer hope, healing and renewed relationship with our sacred world; and Wisdom Fellowships, bi-annual awards to tradition holders who are keeping the sacred fires of their people burning.

Timeless, divine and eternal, the Earth Peace Mandala is inspired by Spirit. The Spirit in each of us that gives rise to our own beauty. With this we can weave a life full of miracles for all. For more information, click